More than friends: The Ultimate Bromance

February 2, 2015

Happy Monday!

This week I’d like to present another quintessential friendship on campus. Max and Evan are both four-year seniors with arguably the strongest bromance on campus. Both are on the nordic and road cycling teams, often going on adventures together. They have plans to reenact junior four point this March except instead of hiking they plan to do it on skis. Below I asked both of them separately to describe the nature of their friendship. Enjoy!

MAX: “Evan and I have a special relationship with a lot of cuddling and looking at funny pictures online. He has the best beard at Gould. I would be so happy if I could have a beard like his because it is splendid. Every weekend we hang out in the pot shop and do pottery together. We have been planning to do a collaboration pot, so if you want to place a bid on it we could probably make the best piece of pottery ever. When we ride bikes together one hour goes by much too quickly. I sometimes wish we could spin forever. We are two dudes who just enjoy each other’s company.”

Scroll down to read Evan’s creative portrayal of their friendship.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 12.39.44 PM

EVAN: Today I went back in time. I travelled back to the very first carefully chosen tidbit of internet that Max and I exchanged via Facebook chat. I scrolled up the chat feed back two years. I was immersed in the memories of all the shared humorous memories, the sad times, and the times we deepened our appreciation for each other. Max and I play off each other so well. In class I send him the funniest thing I can, trying to crack him up in English under the watchful eyes of the teacher. He responds, “STAHP, you made me breathe out of my nose harder than usual.”

Merciless, I send him another simply ridiculously picture, one I’ve made myself. I call it “Donnie”.

We fell head over heels. Imagine Max and I both on opposite sides of a valley. A real nice “Sound of Music Valley”, in Austria. Except, instead of yodeling, there is Borgore, the contemporary dubstep artist, filling the air. We meet eyes at the same moment. We hurl ourselves down the grassy hill, bouncing through the flowers, we roll towards each other at increasing speed. At the bottom we are hurled into the refreshing river. We float down the stream in a tight embrace.

As we approach a waterfall, floating on our backs, we link arms, Max whispers, “Are you ready?”

I respond by growing wings and swooping Max up. As the water plummets down, the water vapor from the tumultuous water creates a magnificent rainbow. Flying out over the rainbow, we fly. When we are just about to be out of sight one with sharp vision could just make out the flying spaghetti monster giving us space suites so we could travel to space and be together forever.

As bizarre as both of their responses are, Max and Evan are well known on campus for their sense of adventure, their creativity and humor. They may just have a bromance that will go down in Gould Academy history.

Have a great week!

– Melissa


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