More from Beijing!

March 15, 2016

(Written by Ms. Barstow)

Spirits were high from the very beginning today. For one, it was Wyman’s birthday! We made a big deal about this a few times throughout the day. Our first stop was The Great Wall of China! We rode on a bus for a little over two hours and arrived to a spectacular temperature and mostly blue sky. The hike was a little longer than past years, and everyone very much deserved their Snickers bar at the top! We went back to Beijing to enjoy a delightful meal of hotpot. After dinner we headed to the night market which is always a highlight. The pictures will tell the story.


Birthday boy!


Andrew – not so much…


David loving his starfish.


Cassidy and a scorpion.

Group hotpot


Group wall

Group Great Wall picture

Faculty wall

Faculty Yoga?

Greg and Eli wall

Greg and Eli at the Wall.


Heading out for the day!

Tianamen square

scenic wall

The Great Wall!

Jacob night market

Jacob enjoying some delectable at the night market.

Bobby great wall

Bobby taking in the Wall

big hotpot photo

Group hotpot shot


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