Moab (sorry, no internet)

March 29, 2013

We took an easy day our first day.  Recovering from our epic drive from Zion.

After a leisurely breakfast, we went to hike Delicate Arch.  It is THE arch to see while you are in the park.  We took the long way around to get a close look at it.  This is our crew in front of it.

Then we hiked Devil’s Garden.  A land of fins, and canyons.  It is a life size three dimensional maze.

Then mountain biking.  This beat us up badly, it was scary, but most of us had fun.

Today was a highlight for me.  We went sledding, and snowboarding on sand dunes!  See this link of Vivian, Ankey, and Teresa sliding down.  We got exceedingly dirty!

We showered, changed, and drove to Colorado.

To see Mesa Verde National Park, where there are a lot of Anasazi ruins.





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