MLK Day Here At Gould Academy

January 20, 2014

Happy Monday Everyone!

As some of you may know already, each year we, here at Gould, love to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. In years past students have presented an done workshops, we’ve reflected on movies discussing equality, freedom and discrimination, but this year MLK Day was especially remarkable.

A few portraits from Robert Shetterly’s collection, Americans Who Tell The Truth, have been displayed in our art cottage for the past couple weeks.  Students have written responses to a portrait that spoke to them, reflecting on the truth and why it is important to share it. Then four students were selected to share their reflections during lunch today.


Photo on 1-20-14 at 7.21 PM


Zoe Bean points out Shetterly’s artistic approach to communicate his message


Photo on 1-20-14 at 7.21 PM #4


Hannah Runyon explains why she believes it is important to share the truth


Photo on 1-20-14 at 7.22 PM


Madison Hertzog tells us how the truth affects her life here at Gould Academy

Photo on 1-20-14 at 7.21 PM #2


Pratt Olsen


Today we were lucky enough to have Robert Shetterly come and talk about his paintings. In his presentation Shetterly shared some insight on the history of the people he has painted as well as his reason for painting them.

Esther Attean (whose portrait is shown above) also came to Gould today. She gave an informing presentation on the disturbing history of Native Americans. She herself having grown up on a reservation here in Maine, as well as raising her own children in one, was able to shed perspective on the topic.

I think that it is fair to say that we all learned so much today. We were able to discuss topics that are usually avoided and really go in depth about the importance of equality and freedom, as well as what it means to be an American.

Overall,  another very successful MLK Day here on campus!

Mona 🙂

Buddha Quote of the Week: “Hatred is never is never ended by hatred but by love” ~Buddha


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