Mired in Marvelous Muck

March 31, 2009

The other day I was listening to the radio. I heard that it’s asparagus season. The speaker was touting the many health benefits of eating asparagus as well as the benefits of eating local produce. I looked out the window again, just to be sure. Nope, it’s not asparagus season here. We still have some snow to melt off before green shoots of any sort start poking out of the ground.

Down at the barn we haven’t started planting the gardens, but we have started cleaning the “Augean Stables.” According to Greek Mythology, Augeas‘ wealth included a stable, housing more cattle than any other in the country. Hercules was charged with the task of cleaning the stables, in return for 10% of the cattle. It seemed an impossible job, but turns out it was only a herculean chore! Hercules diverted rivers to flush the stables clean. While we have nothing quite like that at Gould’s barn, there is a lot of cleaning to be done in the spring. While one student was diverting the water running from a melting snowbank and several others were filling wheel barrows with previously frozen manure, I couldn’t help think of the Augean Stables. We’re not diverting rivers, but spring cleaning does at times feel like a herculean chore!

Before we know it crocuses will be blooming, leaves will be unfolding, peepers will be chirping, and the barn area will be clean. Before we know it.

We’re waiting patiently for the arrival of lambs from 3 of our sheep and calves from our 2 cows.

Stay tuned…



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