Midterms, Mountain Day, and Guests

October 8, 2013

Greetings once again as we sail through midterms toward parent/family weekend.  For those that are attending we look forward to seeing you on campus.  For those that are not you will be able to see your child’s midterm grades on the info server after Friday, Oct. 11th.  You should be in touch with your child’s advisor to hear specifically about how she or he is doing at Gould.

About 30 of the international students will be spending the long weekend in a large lodge with some faculty at a local 4H club just down the road in Bryant Pond.  This should provide a nice change of scenery, a chance to rest, and the opportunity to get out and do some different things in the area.  The cost will be around $275 and will be billed directly to each student’s bookstore account.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email Martha Whittington (whittinm@gouldacademy.org).

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Gould just said goodbye to 29 Chinese guests from the Xi’an and Chengdu Experimental Foreign Language schools.  The two delegations were in Bethel for a week as part of our yearly exchange.  Gould’s 9th graders will be going back to these schools in China or Tanzania for their Four Point trip in March.  (More details about that to come at a later date! ) The visit was a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas and friendships.  Many activities were planned and the students were hosted by local families.  Gould is very different from their schools and it was fun to hear them talk about their impressions and observations.



Last Thursday we also celebrated Mountain Day by climbing and picnicking at our own Sunday River ski area.  Mountain Day is a day where we cancel classes and head out to enjoy nature and each other, usually with a climb upward.  The students enjoy the change in the schedule– or maybe just missing classes!  The teachers and other adults enjoy getting out into nature with the students and getting to know them outside the confides of the classroom or dorm.  It was a wonderful day!

When we return from the long weekend we will begin to plan for the Thanksgiving Break.   Students may stay on campus from the 19th to the 23rd of November, but then the campus will be closing for that next week.  This year there are some tours to Washington and Boston available to students through local/new companies.  These trips cost around $2,000 and include most of the expenses.  I will try to post the specific information about the trips when we return from the long weekend.  Otherwise, we will need to find places for everyone to go and we will call upon members of the Gould Community to happily help out!

I think that’s all for now.  I hope to have some students from our Global Club contributing to the blog in the near future!


Martha Whittington



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