Merry Christmas to All

December 24, 2007

Finally, break is here. It is amazing, just as I pictured. I am now spending my days relaxing, working on college applications, and relaxing more. My brother Finn is home, he had a hard final week where he had to make a whole desk…yes, a desk. School ended well, with a great Yulefest, there were a lot of really good performances. Who knew Mr. Kimball could drum so well? A lot of good singing, and Santa Clause even showed up, great guy-heart of gold. After Yulefest, there was the infamous cookie walk, with every kind of cookie you could imagine.

Tommorow, my family and I will head down to Massachusetts. We’ve always done Christmas down south. After Pierre Noel visits, I’ll be back in Bethel though, working to get all my applications in before the many deadlines.

Seeing as how I’m not really doing as much now that I’m break, I don’t quite have as much to write about. I’ll try to put one in next week, so keep reading, readers.


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