Men’s Varsity Lacrosse Team Advances to MAISAD Championships!

May 12, 2010

Hello Gloggers!

The men’s varsity lacrosse team defeated Kents Hill today 11-4. It was tremendous effort and an inspiring performance by the Gould Huskies. Despite a few key injuries the team was able to rally together and get the job done. Cooper Q lead the team in scoring and Rob M dominated the faceoffs and had most of the assists. It’s hard to point out names, but as a whole the defensive unit did a very impressive job the first half and then rallied later on in the second half as Kents Hill gained momentum. Also, Austin Jodrey or “Brodrey” did a very solid job filling in for our injured shut off defender Taylor P.
Gould has not won a MAISAD championship in over 12 years. Three years ago, the team was winless and now we are contending for a MAISAD championship. The team has really come together this year and I am proud to be a part of it.
The championship game will take place on Saturday May 15th at 2pm at Hebron. I guarantee if you come and watch you will be entertained. It will be a dogfight from the very first whistle. For more information about the mens lacrosse team, visit
Stay Classy,
Eddie Mele

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