Meet the Training Room Mascot!!

April 25, 2012

Hi all, welcome back to Wednesday!

Sorry this post is coming a little late today, and I’ll be honest: I’ve been struggling a bit to find something to write about. BUT, fear not, while I was in the training room today icing my knee, an idea came to me (or, Mr. Laperle suggested it…)

Some of you might remember my post from a few weeks ago, when I talked about how I’ve become the official cheerleader of Gould Academy sports. This is still true, but today’s post isn’t about me…it’s about my mascot/ loyal friend who not only keeps me company in the training room, but is also one of Gould sport’s most enthusiastic sports fanatics.

Meet Rowan. Rowan is Mr. Snee’s dog (Mr. Snee has been working at Gould for two years now, he works in the English Studies Program, is a winter term teacher, as well as the Men’s Varsity soccer coach and Women’s Tennis coach). Which basically means that Rowan is also all of those things, since you rarely see Rowan and Mr. Snee apart.

Rowan is always around, especially in the afternoon during sports. In the fall, I’d see him chasing after soccer balls and lounging near the bench on the soccer field, and now in the spring I see him sprinting after tennis balls out on the courts, or just spectating. Not only is Rowan adorable (duh) but he is extremely well behaved, and quite the charmer (just ask Molly!)

high five!!

Molly's date to the Spring Fling...

Have an awesome rest of Wednesday everyone, see ya next week!



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