Meet the New Kids Part 1

December 2, 2012

Schuyler Leff joined us as an 8th grade winter term skier and we are very happy to have him!  We got a few minutes out of his schedule for an interview:

Stats: 5’3″, 94 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, Fischer skis, Salomon boots, Swix poles.  Favorite ski area The Balsams.  Favorite Food Mac and cheese.  Favorite color blue.  Favorite nordic skier <redacted, needs more education before he can make an informed choice>.

After spending 8 days at camp with Schuyler, here are a few things that his teammates figured out about him:

Leela: “He is really fast in no pole sprints.”

Aiden: “Even though he couldn’t manage to order pizza for delivery over the phone, he still speaks almost fluent french and he is a dual citizen.”

Andrew: “He digs the very straight combover after a shower.” – just check the photo.

Marcello: “His spirit animal is a hawk, I just took the test for him.”

Keep an eye out for Schuyler around campus and on the trails this winter!

As we were leaving Foret Montmorency this morning it was getting busy!  Nakkertok Nordic, a Canadian club from Ontario (and Canada’s largest club at 1,400 members), was setting up a time trial for their Junior camp; we also ran into some of the Russian National team and their wax techs who were presumably getting ready for the Quebec World Cup.  Schuyler went up for an autograph and totally got declined – all the louder he’ll be cheering for the USA next weekend!!

Monday is our last day at Foret Montmorency, then we hit the road and head home to our winter term schedule and a short week of classes.  We’ll return back across the border on Friday!


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  1. Avatar Angela Cushman says:

    Thanks for the updates & pictures! Just a dusting of snow in southern me.

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