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October 26, 2014


Mark Newburg’s article. “What if Entrepreneutship Isn’t the (Only) Answer?” caught my eye this morning. It came right after a Facebook post from the Tumaini Junior School on 700 student receiving vaccinations and in the midst of impact activist Skye Fournier’s frustration with trying to get a lead from author Adam Braun, who wrote the book Promise of a Pencil–a summer reading choice for the Gould community.

Newburg’s article asserts that in the growing labor market ENTREPRENEURSHIP is not for everyone and many entrepreneurs,  even the ones with awesome ideas,  are not successful.  He also sets out some sobering numbers for a student like Skye, who feels a good deal of passion to pursue a social impact career:

” The Global Impact Investing Network’s job board, perhaps the gold standard for impact job listings, has a total of 41 paid, full-time jobs posted this week.[1] Meanwhile, the number of impact courses, especially at business schools, continues to rise, while Net Impact’s student and young professional membership has hit 40,000 people.”

So, what does this mean for Skye, who has transformed the Gould Academy’s REACHOUT organization and has chased every form email returned to her from Mr. Braun? It means that if her post-secondary ed experience only trains her for entrepreneurship, there might not be opportunities for her in the job market.

Here’s Newburg’s claim that really caught my eye:

[Social intrapreneurship] should teach the basic skills of entrepreneurship, which are also the basic skills of management, leadership, and organizational change. It’s part vision (or mission, or goal), part strategy, part team building, part patience and persistence, and many more parts of many more things.

High school students should be taught these vital skills and this is where the IDEAS Center is philosophically anchored with design thinking.  Skye’s pursuing Adam Braun and she should. As well, Skye should look at what is right around her and harness her innate entrepreneurship skills and hone them as intrapreneurial skills– and the IDEAS Center will be place for her to practice.

For Skye, opportunities like The Intrapreneur Lab  at Harvard are out there;  the TJS needs passionate human activist like her; and schools that offer the Davis Peace Prize should be on her radar.

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