May I Introduce Myself?

September 27, 2012

Hello, everyone! My name is Min Jae, and this is my first Glog post ever – how very exciting. I am excited about so much stuff to write about; in fact, there were so many things to write about from just two and a half weeks of school, that I did not know where to begin with in the first post. So I decided that I need not obsess with telling everything and I should take it slowly. (we don’t want things to write about running out, do we?)

For the first entry, I felt that it is reasonable that I spend some time introducing myself, for many of you do not know who I am.

As aforementioned, my name is Min Jae and I hail from Incheon, a South Korean city west of Seoul. Ever since leaving Korea when I was quite young, I have then lived in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Canada. How and why I got to live in all those places and how I eventually ended up in Gould is a long and complicated story. Perhaps I will write about it in the future. For now I’ll carry on with the ‘start of school’ period in Gould.

Younger me in Incheon Airport


The start of school in Gould is, simply put, hectic. I can’t even remember how the first 2 weeks went. I remember getting boxes out of the Holden attic and few seconds of rapid images like fast forward on VHS later, I’m here writing my first Glog entry. But among the haze, one aspect definitely is noticeable.




Even when I left Canada to come to Gould, the word ‘college’ seemed so far away and unreal, but time flies and that word is now right in front of me and my fellow seniors. Our class has had many meetings, group and individual, with our friendly college counselors, we visited college we are interested in, we started our essays. It may be more accurate to say that we took many steps toward college rather than it coming to us.

Gould Academy, after all, is a college prep school – college is a huge matter. It’s an objective, a goal, a finish line, or whichever you want to see it as. Many people talk about the importance of bringing a good end. One Korean idiomatic phrase I like is ‘beauty of finishing’. It reaches me more than ever.

I still have a ton of writing, refinements in my application I need to finish. I am sure that many others are in similar situation and may be stressed out, as we all can be. But we can do this; let us all strive for that beauty of finishing.


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