Masks, Museums, and Martial Arts – Friday in Quanzhou

February 24, 2012

What a day in Q-town!  We started in classes, with a chance for the kids to design and paint their own Chinese opera masks.  The interpretations on the theme were interesting to say the least.  Then it was off to PE for another lesson in Kung Fu, this one more extensive than yesterday’s, with a nine-step progression of moves.  Following class the kids had the option of continuing to practice their Kung Fu, or hold an impromptu “English corner.”  The vote for English corner was unanimous, so groups of eager Chinese students gathered around each of us, loaded with questions, a hunger for learning about America, and a desire to have their pictures taken with our students.

After the obligatory lunch and rest, it was off for our daily afternoon on the town.  Our first stop was the Min Taiyuan Museum, for a walk through Fujian (the province we are in) history, and a lesson in the connections, past and present, between this part of Mainland China and Taiwan.  In the entry hall of the museum is a huge painting of a tree, symbolizing long friendship between Fujian and Taiwan.  After the museum we took a stroll through the West Lake Park, with views of the city skyline and the islands in the lake.  Our day together ended with a buffet dinner at a vegetarian restaurant, before the kids headed off for the weekend with their hosts.  So, look for the next update on Monday, when we are all together again.  I’m sure there will be stories to share.


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