Making the Most of a One Day Weekend

December 4, 2011

This weekend has been crazy for me. It’s been jam packed with about as much as I could possibly fit into it. Just to give a quick rundown: I’ve skied for 8 and a half hours, played 2 hours of speedball and ultimate frisbee, gone to a concert, eaten more pizza than my parents thought I ever would, watched a nice movie, doodle, had  2 classes and filled a free dot with some music in the DSL, and now I’m doing homework for the next week. I’ve slept about 14 hours, and that leaves about 6 hours of time this weekend that I have spent either doing homework or watching video of myself skiing (the latter I don’t enjoy very much!) And what’s really funny, is that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Those Saturdays and Sundays where a kid would normally sleep in until about 10, watch some cartoons while eating breakfast and later play with some toys never totally appealed to me, so I wake up extra early and go skiing. Every time I think about this I smile. I love Saturday mornings careening down snowy roads to a ski race 2-3 hours away, blaring music which makes my parents crazy, but generally get me into the right mindset. And mind you this is at between 5 and 6 a.m.!

My weekend started out with a family tradition, Pizza and a movie friday. This week the movie was Young Frankenstein, an oldie but a goodie. I never seem to get too much time to hang out with my parents during the week, so it’s always nice to catch a nice movie with family.

Next, my weekend “ended” as I hopped back into some more classes. Band, unfortunately, was cancelled due to SAT’s in Bingham Gym. We decided that it might be frowned upon to play loud music (no matter how good) during such an important part of getting into college, so we headed off on a freedot.

After classes and lunch, the Competition Alpine J1 and J2’s got together for a little rivalry match. For those of you that don’t know, J1s are typically age 17 and 18, and J2s are 15 and 16. We got warmed up, grabbed a frisbee and played a little ultimate. Unfortunately, in that game the J2s were beat. Luckily, a chance for redemption was automatically given in speedball. Speedball is best described as a mix of soccer and basketball, and the J2s won that. Speedball is a much harder sport anyways.

Then, at about 9, the SUNBEARS! visited Gould Academy. If you haven’t heard of them, search them up on Youtube. They are very good, and we all had a blast at the concert! Here is a picture from the night.


And this morning, All of the Competitive Alpine Racers were given a great early lift. We all hopped up on the lift at 7 am, and trained some slalom. It was some great conditions, and the fact that nobody was on the mountain yet made it that much more sweet. Also, there was a great view from the top as we had low clouds until about 7:30. The picture below is from the first run, off of the back of Locke Mountain, one of my favorite places on earth.

What a view!

And also, the anticipation is killing me. Just 11 more class days before Christmas Vacation!

Have a great week!



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  1. Avatar Kristen Kimball says:

    Oooh – Young Frankenstein. An all-time fave in our house, for sure. Nice post, John.

  2. Greg Greg says:

    Mrs. Kimball beat me to it, but we must have watched that movie a thousand times!

    “Put ze candle BACK!”

  3. Avatar Martha Siegel says:

    Outstanding photo. Wish I could have been there!

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