MAKE your math final

October 29, 2014

Math teacher and snowboard coach Dave Lynch is an early adopter, which means that he starts using technology as soon as it is available. He has been on the leading edge of  modifying and enhancing his teaching and coaching for as long as I have known him.

In between classes today, he used the ShopBot to make these connected circles for an honors pre-calculus final option.


I know the answer!


The challenge is to calculate the depth of cut to make the object spin in a circle. If the cut is too deep or short, the object will wobble.

He did the math to figure out the sweet spot, the exact spot, that the percentage of the radius creates a perfect spin, not a wobble. It is no surprise Dave thought of this project, as he thinks a good deal of rotations on the snow.

Lynch finding the sweet spot of rotations


If you want to read an article about Dave and how he integrates teaching and coaching, check this profile article.


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