Maine SK8 Series 2013 Bath Skatepark, April 24, Stop One

April 25, 2013

Yes, the Maine SK8 Series is happening again for the tenth year in a row.  The jams just get better.  Seamus Malia got best trick with a full cab kick flip across the pyramid.  Everyone skated super hard right through the entire twenty minutes.  They went without a serious crash.  It was great skating and positive attitudes all around.

The battle to see who wins the overall top prize trip to Woodward East for a week this summer continues.  Next stop is the Old Town YMCA, Saturday, April 27 at 1:00 p.m.  We’ll see you there.

A Results

1. Seamus Malia

2. Tristan Anderson

3. David Rackenagel

4. Tyler Lewondowski

5. Eli Davis

6. T.C. Wilson

7. Louis Morel

8. P.J. Steber

9. Lexi Stewart

10. Roman Peligrino


B Results

1. Keegan Denory

2. Brody Losier

3. Cooper Whittier

4. Connor Kelly

5. Conrad Kefferputz

6. Mitch Romanowski

7. Riley McDonough

8. Michael Clinton

9. Utah Bean

10. Hunter Cline

11. Leon Robie

John Boyton

Charlie Dayton

All photos by Nick Beauregard

Shamus Malia wins first at the Bath Skate Park Maine SK8 Series jam.

T.C. Wilson down the gap while the judges score.

David Rackenagel, bluntslide

P.J. Steber, Backboardslide

Louie Morel L ‘Hortet, Boardslide

T.C. Wilson, Louie Morel L’Hortet, P.J. Steber, Riley McDonough, Lexi Stewart, and Connor Kelly.




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