Maine ITS (Integrated Trail System)

February 6, 2013

Gould took a short ride up to Grafton Notch State Park for a 2 hour adventure today.  It was a pretty awesome ski.

Sled dogs were getting ready to go for a run where we jumped on the trail.  These folks were from the Mahoosuc Guide Service which is just up the street from Gould – they guide dogsledding and canoe trips throughout Western Maine.

We were on the Maine ITS (Maine Interconnected Trail System), which is the massive snowmobile trail system that spans the state.  The skiing was very good for an adventure – old logging roads (well graded) with snowmobile tracks (well packed).  A few interesting crossings…


Most of the time we were not too concerned with what trails we were on nor where we were headed.  But there is obviously some navigating to be done.  ITS 82 heads West from Rumford, through Upton, and goes towards NH…



The Upton/Stateline Snowmobile club actually does exist… or, at least it did back when Angelfire was still a cool way to make websites…. 

Along the trail, we found this interesting snowplow apparatus.  Trees had grown up through the middle of it, so it had obviously been there quite a while.  We were miles from the nearest passable road, and the construction resembled no snowplow I’ve ever seen (found one like it online – from 1924)

I emailed Dick Taylor (Gould’s resident historian) to see if he had any ideas:

Nick, You’ll have to tell me where you skied. There was an old town of Grafton up there.  People are still alive in town who were born there. There were schools, a hotel, but all has vanished. It could be from that era and might be of interest to the historical society here. Great to hear it’s good up there. It’s a sublime place…and endless skiing.


Endless skiing indeed.  We turned around after an hour or so.  Plenty of trail left to explore!  Can’t wait to do some mountain biking up there this spring.


Notice the skis on the bottom of the panorama?  That is Sadie “taking a break” at the end of the ski!



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