Mahoney Qualifies for Rev Tour

March 25, 2021

Mahoney’s Mammoth Results

Yesterday in Mammoth, CA, Aidan Mahoney ’21 placed 2nd in the FIS Futures Slopestyle Tour event securing him a spot on the Rev Tour for the 2022 season. The Rev Tour is a North American Cup series, one step below World Cup. The last Gould rider to compete in this series was Bo Warren ’15.

This was Aidan’s first appearance in Futures Tour finals, where the top 10 riders from the competition take two more runs. His finals run included his first back dub 10 in a competition (a 1080-degree spin that includes going upside down twice), which was the trick that earned him 2nd place.

Tyler Hamel ’22, Nathan Pare ’23, Cooper Provencher ’24, Bri Schnorrbusch ’24 also competed.

March Snowboard & SX Results

Here’s what else the competition snowboard and ski cross (SX) teams have been up to:

(Name, Age Group, Finish Place)

2/26 USASA Rail Jam, Lost Valley

  • Bri Schnorrbusch, Girls 11-15, 2nd
  • Cooper Provencher, Boys 11-15, 1st
  • Dylan Meyer (WT), Boys 11-15, 2nd
  • Joseph Senner, Men 15-22, 3rd

2/28 USASA Slopestyle, Sunday River

  • Tyler Hame, Open Class, 1st
  • Cooper Provencher, Boys 13-14, 1st
  • Dylan Meyer, Boys 13-14, 2nd
  • Mason Hamel, Boys 13-14, 8th
  • Bri Schnorrbusch, Girls 13-14, 1st
  • Nathan Pare, Boys 15-16, 1st
  • Aidan Mahoney, Men 17-18, 1st

3/5 USASA Slalom, Lost Valley (2 races)

  • Tyler Hamel, Open Class, 1st, 1st
  • Bri Schnorrbusch, Girls 13-14, 1st, 1st
  • Olivia Hagan, Girls 13-14, 4th, 3rd
  • Mason Hamel, Boys 13-14, 3rd, 4th
  • Sofia Stasinos, Girls 15-16, 2nd, 2nd
  • Quade Walls, Men 17-18, 1st, 2nd

3/14 USASA Rail Jam, Titcomb

  • Bri Schnorrbusch, Girls 11-15, 2nd
  • Cooper Provencher, Boys 11-15, 1st
  • Dylan Meyer (WT), Boys 11-15, 2nd
  • Aidan Mahoney, Men 15-22, 1st

3/20-21 USASA BX/SX, Sugarloaf

  • Molly Hagan (SX), Girls 13-14, 2nd, 2nd
  • Haley Hessinger (SX), Open Class, 2nd, 2nd
  • Eva Stasinos (SX), Girls 15-16, 2nd, 2nd
  • Olivia Hagan, Girls 13-14, 3rd, 3rd
  • Sofia Stasinos, Girls 15-16, 3rd, 1st
  • Mason Hamel, Boys 13-14, 1st, 2nd
  • Quade Walls, Men 17-18, 2nd, 2nd
  • Luke Ford (Rookie), Boys 15-16, 3rd, 2nd

Upcoming Events:

  • 4/3: Seth Wescott Banked Slalom, Sugarloaf (Ford, Walls, O. Hagan, M. Hamel)
  • 4/2-4/4: FIS SBX/SX, FIS National Championship SBX/SX, Copper, CO (Mahoney, Hamel, Gao, Hessinger, Pare, S. Stasinos, also Lacroix ’16)
  • 4/5: USASA BX/SX, Copper, CO (Provencher, Schnorrbusch)

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