Lots of Reuniting

November 5, 2007

I’m back, and so are you if you’re reading this now! It’s been a good week, things are picking up, seeing as how we’re almost at the end of the trimester. It’s nuts to think we’re almost at Thanksgiving vacation, I usually stop eating right around now so I can eat as much as I want at Thanksgiving. The workload has kind of grown lately, lots of papers and projects and tests and presentations, but it always does. I had a test in Calculus last week, it was pretty hard but I think I did alright, Mr. Lynch was very patient with my confusion about the littlest things. But this week’s classroom Trivia will come from Environmental class, here it comes! What is it called when a population grows beyond it’s carrying capacity? Good luck with it.

The Dining Room was put on by the Gould Thespians, and was very enjoyable. They did three different performances during the weekend, and it was really very well done. It was full of a ton of different scenarios of families and people interacting in the dining room. I’d have to say my favorite part was when Chelsea “COB” O’Brien played the part of the Loose Cannon Rebel Teenager without a cause, she wore a jean jacket and everything! It was really interesting and they obviously put a lot of work into it.

We had a surprise dance on Wednesday night, a little Halloween shindig up in the barn of the Business Building. Everyone was up there and it was a lot of fun. I’d like to think that Gould’s different in that, we know that fun is important, even if we sacrifice a tiny bit of study time. DJ Jake “J-Dawg” Stevens was the highlight, he knew how to get everybody dancing. A personal highlight for me was that my Brother Patrick and his girlfriend Caddie came up that night. Caddie brought three students from her school up who were interested in Gould, it was great to see them.

This past weekend was the Ski Patroller’s Refresher weekend, so my friends Jimmy “Steak” Catlin and Eliza “Cheese” Van Heerden came up to sharpen their skills. It was also great to see them. I also saw a co-worker of mine from the Summer Camp I work at. So I saw a lot of people this week, it was nice to see them all.

That’s about it for this week, I get to take the staples out of my ankle from surgery this Wednesday, which is good. But I’ll give you the update on this last week of real classes next Sunday, so till then…


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