Lots Happening @gouldacademy

November 11, 2010

Since my last post, much has happened at Gould, here are some of the highlights that I came across.

  • A contemporary dance by Mr Penely’s dance class.
  • A tree blew over. (no real damage or injury)
  • A Edgar Alan Poe play by the drama department.
  • JVA Boys Soccer wins MAISAD soccer.
  • 20 plus students skied and snowboarded at Sunday River.
  • Gould was flocked by 20 or more flamingos, outside Bingham.
  • The trustees were on campus for some meetings.

    Flamingos outside Bingham

    Tree goes down in the unexpected winds

    Scary Play

So lots of goings on, and I’m sure there was much that I missed.

Here are some pics of what I saw.

Have a great week.

Chris D and Helen


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