Looking Back: Junior Nationals

March 19, 2013

By Sadie

Unfortunately, I’m back in Maine. I say unfortunately because I wish I didn’t have to go! Junior Nationals was such a fun, amazing week. I met so many awesome people, skied some of the best races of my high school career, and got to explore Fairbanks.

I didn’t have the best sprint on Thursday, but I didn’t let it bring me down- the race I had been looking forward to was coming up on Saturday! The 10k mass start classic was right around the corner.

Saturday was one of the most fun and exciting races I’ve ever had. It was also one of my best races I’ve ever had. I ended up 17 overall, but with the three Norwegian guests at the top of the pack, I ended up 13!!!!! It was the perfect way to end my ski season.

I’m home for two more weeks and then I’m back to school. Between then, I’ll be resting, enjoying time with my mom (and maybe a trip to see my sister), catching up with friends, and finishing my senior Four Point. I’ll ease my way back into running over the next week because when I get back, I start running track alongside Telstar! From what I’ve heard, the skiing at the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center is incredible, so I’ll be heading up there and skiing with my mom and friends!

Here are a few photos from my week in Fairbanks. Thanks to Nick and all of my Gould coaches, the wax techs, the JN’s coaches, volunteers, and my mom for helping me get out there and having the best races yet!

Brooke Mooney (SMS) showing her New England pride during the sprint heats

The J1 girls decorated sweatshirts over the course of the week

On an off day, we went to see sled dogs! We even got a chance to go mushing. Brooke and I went together. We went to Trail-Breakers Kennels (Photo from Julia Kern).

The jackets they wear during the Iditarod! My parka felt tiny after wearing this.

My AWESOME relay team who placed sixth: me, Brooke, and Tara Humphries (Burke). We took after Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins (USST) who always wear striped socks during relays!

The perfect close to the week! On our last night after we returned from the dance, we were able to see the Northern Lights from the parking lot of our hotel!!! All of the teams were out staring at the sky. It was my second time seeing them that week. Seth Hubbard (thanks for driving!) drove some J1 girls around on a mission to find them earlier in the week (Photo by Evan Dethier).




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  1. Avatar Michael Hornbach says:

    Way to go Sadie! I am impressed with your hard work and determination. This is an enormous accomplishment and it is well deserved.

  2. Avatar Sadie says:

    Thanks, Michael! It really did all pay off.

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