Look out, the SnowBall is coming!!

December 8, 2015

OVERHEARD IN THE DINING HALL: “You know, the answer to global warming is really simple! Everyone should just take their air conditioning units from their windows, and turn them around! “BOOM!” Problem solved.”

So there’s that.

Hi Glogenators! The big news this week in GouldAcademyLand is the Snow Ball! And no, I’m not talking about solidified water, rolled into a ball and thrown at Mrs. Alford as she exits the classroom building (although that would be pretty excellent too!). I’m talking about the big, fancy, coat-and-tie, stunning-dress, glitter-in-my-hair dance this weekend! This is the big day when Gould students, faculty, and their kids (the faculty’s I mean, not the students’ kids) dress to the nines (or even the tens) and head on over to that magic wonderland where all dreams come true: The dining hall.

No, wait! It’s true that the dining has IS amazing for this event, but that’s just the start! After a superawesomefantaastic reception, replete with enough sushi to choke a capybara, we go to the dining hall proper where we get the BEST MEAL OF THE YEAR (except for Superbowl Sunday, of course!)! Then, after we fill ourselves with Brian and his team’s fabulous creations, we cross the street and enter Gould’s winter wonderland that IS the Bingham Gym! I can hardly wait!

In fact, I didn’t wait. When everyone was in class this afternoon, I snuck (used my key) into the gym to look at some preparations. And I took some pictures with my sneaky, hi-tech spy camera (iPhone 5c). And here they are for you, to take a sneak-peek at the snow ball. remember folks, you saw it here first!

Here are some shots of things to come. First, the banquet!



I know, right? It’s gonna be SOOO GOOD!!!


And then, there’s the lights!


Magical! And who can forget the gorgeous decorations for the gym?


Ahh, the Christmas sleigh!

Ahh, the Christmas sleigh!

Enchanting! And the music is even better! Listen to THIS!!

Pennsylavania 6-5-oh, oh, OH!

Pennsylavania 6-5-oh, oh, OH!

I can’t wait! And neither can you!! See you all this weekend at the SnowBall, Sunday night!!!!!






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