Long time no see, Canada…

December 8, 2012

By Sadie James

…except not. After four days of being back in the states, we left campus once again and traveled back up to Quebec City this afternoon after we finished classes. We’re staying in a hostel right in the Old City about a block from the sprint course. It’s going to be SO awesome to watch tomorrow!

We got here around 5:30. Some of us headed out for a run/walk while the others stayed behind and made dinner (thank you!!) Marcello and Ashton took off for a run and Pratt, Alex, Hannah, and myself walked to the boardwalk where we ran into the guys.

Hannah, Pratt and Alex walking through the Old City

We walked down to the Rue de Champlagne to check out some shops and Christmas lights. The Old City is so pretty this time of year, so of course, we took pictures! We tried to get a group photo, but it turned out super blurry. We’ll definitely get one tomorrow.

Rue de Champlagne

On an even more exciting note…. THE US WOMEN WON THE TEAM SPRINT TODAY!!!!!!!!!! This is the first time in history that this has ever happened. We were in the van when the race was happening, so thank you to Shelby (Gould ’11) and Emma (my darling sister) for relaying the race to us. Here is an article from the USST website.

Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins after the win!!! (Photo from USSA Nordic)

We have a quick team meeting a little later, some homework, then off to bed for a run in the morning, then the World Cup (!!!!!!!!!!)




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