Lobsters and LL Bean: A Maine Saturday

February 4, 2013

Before I start, here’s my formal shout-out to one of the best performers of my generation…Béyonce, you are A-MAY-ZING!


Anywhoo, on Saturday I spent the day with my dear friend Monika Chislov ’14 and her wonderfully awesome mother, Ms. Judi Weiss-Chislov. As we left Bethel, we had one clear objective for the day: shop till we dropped…for Junior 4Point items, at least.

In a little over than twenty days, the entire junior class will be heading out for nine days in the pure, unadulterated (and that’s an understatement) Maine woods and nature. Heading to areas around the White Mountains, the juniors will certainly learn what it means to be ‘one’ with nature.

And you can’t just do it in your jeans. Oh no, there’s a whole new wardrobe necessary for this trip, consisting of the infamous polypro, fleece, and wool items.

After three hours of advice and pestering the LL Bean staff in Freeport, Nika got her hands on everything she needed…and more, thanks to Ms. Weiss (you are going to love those hand puppets!!!)

We shopped till we dropped, and then we did a hop and a skip over to Trader Joes in Portland where we did more shopping.

The icing on the cake, you ask? (Did you get my grocery shopping joke?) Dinner at the one and only Dimillo’s on Commercial St. in the Old Port. A fine establishment on a permanently docked ship, Dimillo’s is known for its seafood and, my personal favorite, Maine steamers!

We sat down to a lovely meal and considered our options: steak or seafood? I went with steak while Nika and Ms. Weiss went with good ol’ Maine lobster. Natives from Miami, FL, I soon discovered that this was their first time having lobster ‘in-shell’, or the true New England style.

It was a lot of grunting, ripping, cracking, and crying laughing, but Nika and Ms. Weiss were generally successful in their adventurous meal. Between teaching them how to correctly eat lobsters and how to clean steamers, I’m sure it was as much as a learning experience as it was fine dining. And boy, did we get a lot of stares and chuckles from the other Mainers around us. Maybe they were just jealous at how hard we were laughing!

On the way home, while listening to the Broadway tunes on Sirius XM with Ms. Weiss (much to Nika’s dismay), I realized how great weekends can be at Gould…and in the great state of Maine overall. Saturday was Maine-ly awesome!


Big shout out to Ms. Weiss and Nika for such a great day…I’ll remember that one for a long time, guys. Much love.


What’s your perfection version of a ‘Maine’ Saturday?

Till next week,



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