Lobster Roll

October 24, 2011

Would you be surprised if I said I went to a ski race this weekend? There are only two ways this could be possible: either my coach somehow transported us to Antarctica, or the skis had wheels on them. Although Antarctica would be nice, I’m not going to lie. It was the wheels.

So, back up to Saturday morning. I woke up at 5:15 and met my coach and one other team mate at school. After a three hour drive in the Ferrari (what we affectionately call the new tricked-out school mini van) the three of us pulled into the parking lot at the ferry station in Rockland, ME. We unloaded our ski gear and boarded the ferry along with about 50 0ther mostly college aged skiers and their coaches. 45 minutes of rolling ocean later, the ferry docked on North Haven, a beautiful island north of Vinalhaven.

I imagine that to the locals we must have been quite a spectacle: a herd of athletes in ski garb, carrying strange-looking equipment through the streets of their island. But then again, they must be used to it, because was the 5th annual Lobster Roll, otherwise known as the Maine State Collegiate Rollerski Championships. Every year several Maine college teams (Colby, Bowdoin, UMaine Presque Isle) and assorted other people gather here to race 16.4 kilometers of the spectacular rolling terrain that North Haven has to offer.


Below is a little mini photo gallery. The pictures are as follows: 1. The ferry takes off 2. Return trip, an interesting view with sunlight 3. View from the shore 4. A pretty house on North Haven

For me, it was a significant experience for several reasons. It was my first 15k race, as well as my first rollerski race. Yikes. As one of only two high school girls, the field was a bit intimidating. Let me get out my Gould checklist– Out of Comfort Zone: check. Taking risks: check. Yep, it was a valuable experience. If there is one thing I have learned from ski racing it is this: you have to jump in with the big guys. The funny thing is, now the “big guys” include several of my friends who are now Gould alumni. It was especially exciting to see them with their new teams and catch up about college life. That could be me next year!

Until next week–



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