Living Lands and Waters and Brian Schroy

March 24, 2008

Hey there Glog readers,
I’m back, and with a vengeance. Today is the last day of break, which is both sad and exciting. I had a lot of relaxing times, seeing friends from on break from college, and all around loving life. Probably the most exciting time of break was my 4 point. My friend Adrian “Woodman” Bouthot and I went down to Louisville, Kentucky for what proved to be a life changing experience. We were able to use our Gould connection’s, and stayed two nights with Matt Bevin, a Gould alum who did a great job of showing us how great Louisville is. He and his family were amazingly generous and we had a lot of fun. We then started our four point, where we volunteered to help the members of a non-profit organization called Living Lands and Waters. It started with one man Chad “Mississippi Queen” Pegrake, who grew up on the Mississippi River and grew very tired of the large amounts of trash on the river banks, so he started this organization. He worked by himself for a year, but it soon grew into what it is today: A seven person crew who live in a house on a barge, which is attached to three other barges where they store trash they collect on the river. These four barges have a tow boat on the end, so they can tour the major rivers of the US, holding large community cleanups and cleaning our rivers. The amount of trash in the river and on its banks was ridiculous, we had 4 refrigerators within 3 hours on our first day with many more to follow, and we found over 50 tires in the week. Every member of the crew was hilarious and really fun to be around. Adrian and I were able to stay on the barge our last night, and I am now convinced that I will try and get a job on the barge and work the nine months of touring the rivers. All around, I had an amazing time and met some of the best people in the world.

But now I’m back in Bethel, and I am looking forward to what will hopefully be an amazing lacrosse season, hopefully. These last few days have been exceptional, for my friend Brian “Mo Album” Schroy has been home and it is great to see him. I am actually with him now, and he will be writing a great guest writer message. So that is all from me, keep in touch for my weekly updates, and without further ado, I give you Brian Schroy.

Hello follow Academians,
My name is Brian Schroy, class of 2007, and I am writing as a guest this week. I traveled back from Colorado to check up on my former school. I had the pleasure of seeing many friends and teachers. The students were returning from vacation with smiles on their faces. It was a weird feeling being back on campus, but yet a beautiful one. It was like I had never left. I observed friendly greetings and hugs from the students reuniting from a month apart. It reminded me of the excitement I had returning to Bethel after each long break. The mountain is in the better condition than I have ever experienced, and apparently I had missed most of the epic days of powder. It feels as though it has been a great year for all at Gould. The only problem is the snow is not going away. This has not been the case for several years. It sounds like the boys lacrosse team is patiently awaiting the beginning of their season. I hope to return to Gould in the late Spring to help support my team. I also look forward to seeing the snowboard team, as they make their way to Copper Mountain next week. I’m signing off now, but I hope to see you all later in the spring!

-Brian Schroy


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