Living Fast

October 9, 2011

Hello everybody, and welcome to the Glog if you haven’t been here already.

It’s Sunday, day two of parents’ weekend and already a lot has happened. Yesterday, we had an all school assembly with parents, in which our future headmaster, Mr. Ruby, gave an adress, and then the band took to the stage. After the band came on, Mr. Baker showed his annual slideshow of pictures (of which most can be seen and downloaded at and Mr. Whittington, Mrs. Stack and Mrs. Shifrin announced the new Hanscom project (Which I’m REALLY excited about!), which will involve completely renovating the first floor. Stage two is yet to be unveiled.

After that, many of the sports teams had their games. We all found our way to the dining hall for a wonderful lunch, thanks to all of the dining hall crew. After, some of the Competition ski racers and Freestylers and Snowboarders found their way to the field house to check out all of the latest in skis, boards, boots and helmets. Since Sunday River has been blowing snow on T2 for two days, I’m incredibly excited to strap my boards to my feet and make some arcs down the trail!

One of the things that I love about Gould is how fast everything happens. It seems like every day is a new adventure. Every now and then we have a week that I look back on, and say ,”Wow. I can’t believe that just happened.” such as this week. Papers due, Mountain day, Mr. Southam’s crazy 13 mile adventure mountain bike rides (which almost involved us missing dinner), homework, classes, flu shots, and finally a crazy long ride up to Carrabasset Valley for a mountain bike race in some beautiful scenery tinged with the fall colors that we all know and love. When we can finally slow down on Sunday (or this wonderful long weekend) we should look back and feel a sense of accomplishment. All I can say is that it is much better than just going home after classes!

Also, I hope everybody has a wonderful long weekend with some much needed R&R, have safe travels and come back ready for some more Gould Adventures!


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