Lists, and lists of lists

January 12, 2016

OVERHEARD IN MY LIVING ROOM: “Dad, people are stealing your “top 10 lists”. You should write a “top 11 list.”


Because, as Nigel Tufnel likes to say, “These go to eleven!”

So, here we go, Glogamaniacs! My top ELEVEN list of…hmmm, let’s see…

Oh yeah. I don’t actually have a list in mind. Top independent studies I’ve hear about? (welding, ballet, live organ transplants…) Top Gould Academy student band names? (Free Dot Seven, …uh..Free Dot Seven…) Top GA Performing Arts Series performances? (Marcia Ball, Oscar López, The Junkman…Google ALL of these!)?

No, I know!

I present to you Doug “El Jefe’s” top eleven words that have special Gould Academy meaning! Distance Gloggees (in Spanish “Glogadores” ), ask your Gouldies what these mean if you need clarification!

11. Payback (oops… no late Sunday morning for you!)

10. Snow Ball (which leads to the next, the…

9. Annual Tree Slaughter!

8. J.C. (double-oops…)

7. Four Point (it’s coming, it’s COMING!)

6. Powder Day (all right, this isn’t unique to Gould, but we WANT IT, now!!!)

5. Fake Friday (see the students’ shoulders slump at these words)

4. Advisee Function (the Alford advisees can smell the tacos already)

3. D-Block (shout out to the boys there)

2. Mountain Day!

1. Free dot!!

I promise, no lists next week. Unless another list is in order.

I leave you with a photo of a great man- Mr Kipp Greene! Today is his birthday- We in the Glog world wish you the happiest of birthdays!!!115_2044



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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    I like the list and also the term Glogadores:)

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