Listen Up: Tips and Tricks of Surviving Gould

June 2, 2014

Well this is it Glogworld. 5 days left here at the academy and we’re all starting to get a little sentimental. I’ve been thinking about this Glog post for a while now, and I’ve decided that I really just want to tell everyone of our community a few lessons/tricks I’ve learned during my years here. If you’re smart you’ll listen so you don’t have to learn these on your own, the hard way.


10 Lessons I’ve Learned at Gould:


1. Don’t believe the labels on hair dye boxes because they lie- I still have traces of blue from fall term sophomore year… the box claimed it would come out in 2-3 weeks.

2. Winter term does not allow you enough time to make a coffee run between classes!

3. Don’t even think about going to Mr. Lynch’s class out of dress code!

4. Love your roommate even if she or he likes the room a little bit warmer than you do.

5. Go on those weekend trips! Every time.

6. Hang your juice out the window in the winter to keep it nice and cool 😉

7. There will be times you’ll have to compromise- choose your battles.

8. You can survive in the woods for 9 days during mid winter.

9. Farts are always funny.

10. Be generous with your laughter 🙂



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