Lexi Skates Everything, All The Time

June 11, 2011

By: Lexi Stewart

May 12, 2011

I can not believe that the three weeks are almost over. I had so much fun with Greggy boy, Jesse, and Josh. Although being with guys all the time has its ups and downs, they were still pretty cool. Skate School is a wonderful experience. When I’m here I get to kind of grow up and mature a little bit. Since my parents are not here, I have to make sure I get all my work done because I have to get my work done before I can skate. While being at Skate School I feel like I am getting more work done than I did at home.The best part about Skate School is the skating. After lunch we have “focused stretching” then we skate. The “focus stretching” helps us skate better, but also makes us kinda sleepy. The skateboarding is amazing because we skate for 4 hours a day. Most days we  skate  some more (we can skate after dinner and as a study break).

Lexi Stewart

We also toured  other skateparks with pro skater Tobee Parkhurst. We went to Camp Woodward for a couple of days and on the way down we skated at some cool skateparks. We skated one skatepark that was small, but cool because of all the features they had to skate.  Other parks were big and had a lot to skate. We skated FDR which is under a bridge. It is one of the most unique skateparks I’ve ever seen. There were some pretty interesting people there. When we got there Tobee and Dave Bean were shredding that place like crazy. While I was there, I finally dropped in on a pool. It was scary at first, but when I rolled away I was stoked. When we got to Woodward we just shredded everything we could since we were practically the only ones there. Jesse and I decided to “air out” of The Rock (one of the skateparks at Woodward). We got so much air out of the bowl. Jesse was busting some huge Indys while I was busting my tuck knee airs. Being up in the air that high for that long was amazing, but a little scary too. By the second day we were tired so we hit the road and went to Junction skatepark. We skated there and I finally got my boardslide down the ledge. We went to another park and with a lot of encouragement from everyone (and some sneaky recording by Bean) they got some footy of my first boardslide down a handrail. Another skatepark we went to with Eric was Rye Airfield.  That place was like Camp Woodward smashed together. It was amazing. We skated there for a long time, but I was glad we did because that place was pretty cool and had so much stuff to do.The people there were really cool too. When I leave Skate School I’m going to miss all the skating and fun times. I will be leaving a better skater than I was before.


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