Letting the dust settle

October 27, 2009

Are you tired of hearing about “swine flu?” I’ve been listening to NPR and it seems the talk about H1N1 is nearly endless! Fortunately Gould should be clear of H1N1 in just a few days- the vaccination (which, if you’ve been under a rock, can be hard to find) has been offered to all students.

Since I’m told I fall into a high-risk group, I’ve taken my son and our dogs to visit my parents on Martha’s Vineyard Island, MA, just until the vaccination takes effect. There are certainly worse places to be in the fall!

Reiley, Pogi, and Cisco all
think the weather is fine
for swimming!

Reiley and I thought we’d be helpful while visiting my parents by doing things like raking leaves. Unfortunately, we’d need to take the leaves off the trees first before we did any raking! There are still soft pink flowers here, and nearly all the leaves are still high on the branches. Pretty different from Sunday River, where there is still skiing and riding available!

The Fisher Price toys my siblings and I played
with are still the favorites!

Quality time with parents and grandparents is always time well spent, and I feel lucky to have a few days together. On Tuesday Reiley, the dogs, and I will head back to Maine for an appointment. Then we’ll likely be spending a couple more days out of the dorm.

I wish all good health, plenty of rest, and a return to our regular schedule!

Serious quality time!

Until next week,



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