Let’s talk about Four Point

February 28, 2013

Hi everyone,

I know that just about everyone has been talking about upcoming four points because it’s the last week of winter term (finally! because ours school schedule is about two weeks late compared to other schools this year). I could try to be unique and write about something else, but I, too, want to recollect my four point experiences.

Since I wasn’t in Gould for freshmen year, I have not been on the freshmen four point trip. Disappointing; though, I lived in Hong Kong for 4 years, I never visited Beijing, Chengdu or other parts of mainland except for Shenzhen, the mainland city closest to Hong Kong. This year, some freshmen are going to China, but others are going to Tanzania and India. I love to see that Gould is getting even more global.

I joined Gould middle of sophomore year, almost right before sophomore four point. When asked in English class spring term to describe the four point experience, I had commented that it was about still getting used to Gould and making new friends. Some students say that sophomore four point is not as exciting freshmen’s where you go abroad or junior’s where you go into the woods, but sophomore four point, with its numerous activities, had the greatest variety and I certainly found it helpful to fit in to Gould and get friendly with others. Sophomores, chill and have a great time.

Care to guess what we’re trying to do with the tarp?

And of course, the junior four point. I can just hear some people dreading it. To those people I want to tell something. I likened the junior four point to the mandatory military service in Korea because of one similarity. The ones who have been in them talk about the experience so often after they have been through with them. Junior four point was what all we talked about for a while after, and it still comes once every now and then. What’s my point? that it will be an interesting and very memorable experience (for better or for worse). Try to look at it positively so that the memorable experience will be a positive one.

As a senior, the senior four point remains for me. For now, I’ll keep it a secret. I’ll tell you about it soon.

Until then,


Min Jae


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  1. Avatar Eileen Ahern says:

    I enjoy reading your posts. Good luck with your Senior Four Point!

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