Let’s Go!

November 7, 2007

Wednesday has arrived, and so have the girls soccer team at the MAISAD semi-finals! Today is our game against Kent’s Hill for the semi-finals of the tournament. We have all been working our butts off trying to get physically and mentally ready for the game. We have had a big focus on penalty kicks lately, since the games cannot result in a tie anymore. In order to get the team psyched, we all created “psyche boxes”. They are so much fun. Each member of the team picked the name of another member, and then had to create them a box that would get them psyched and pumped for the upcoming game. People got really creative and put everything from inspirational quotes, powerbars and waters to mix cd’s and other awesome do-dads. The team has really worked hard and come together and hopefully we will pull through today, and then dominate again on Saturday to take home the MAISAD Champion title!

Not only have we been busting our humps out on the field lately, but in the classroom, too! Countdown to exams: t-minus 5 days! I cannot believe how fast they have crept up. Classes are starting to wrap up with new information, and so begins the cramming of everything we have learned all year! One thing I wish was coming as fast as exams is the snow! The weather has been so confusing lately! As soon as it gets cold, and everyone gets lured into the belief that the snow truly is on its way, we wake up to a sunny, warm morning! I am so anxious to wake up to that first morning of soft snow falling outside my window!!

Now, as promised, here is a shout-out to those who want their 10 minutes of fame on the GLOG
Ms. Woodely
Kate L.
you guys are awsome.

That does it for this week. SEND THE TEAM GOOD VIBES! WE CAN DO IT!!
Until next time!
-Kiley H.


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