Let’s Go Pirates!

November 12, 2007

I’m back and ready to write. It’s been a very busy week, since its the one before exam week, and all the teachers are trying to crush the trimester into a review class. But the goal of Thanksgiving break is in sight, so the exams don’t seem so bad with that so close. I’ve actually found that exam week is one of my favorite weeks, sure the exams themselves aren’t exactly buckets of fun, but there is so much free time to study, or just do whatever you want. It’s a little stressful at first, but I actually like this week.

The Sunday before exam week, they always have a question session, where all the teachers are in Ordway from 2-4, and students can just come and ask any question they like. Brian “Emeril” Scheiddeger does a great job of putting out some snacks during this too. After getting my blood pressure raised by all the stress of thinking about all my exams at once, I was able to sort things out, going from teacher to teacher and having them sort out their exam. They’re all going to be pretty hard I think. We’ll have a little Exam Trivia, coming from Environmental Science, here’s the question, What’s the difference between inter specific Competition and Intra specific Competition? Get back to me soon, before Wednesday, because that’s when I have that Exam…please.

On Saturday night, I fulfilled the last chapter in my Gould Career. Every year, since I was a wee freshman, I have gone on the school trip to the Portland Pirates Game. I make it a point to be hoarse in the throat by the end of the game. The Pirates took on the Providence Bruins and it was a real close game. It went into overtime, and the Pirates pulled out with a win. There was one real fight, but a ton of little scuffles. One of those scuffles was like a full team rumble, right in front of us! There was some Alumni at the game too, both Ashley “Manny’s Girlfriend” Lewando and Ben “Mildener” Mildener were cheering on the Pirates.

Well, I’m off to study, today (Monday) is reading day, so everybody has the entire day to Study, Meditate, or do whatever it takes to get ready for the Exam week, it’s a good day. By the next time I post up we’ll be all done with school and on Thanksgiving Vacation! It’ll be great to get there, but happy Exam Week, good luck and good night.


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