Let’s All Just Pretend It’s Wednesday!

November 23, 2007

Wednesday Whims coming on a Friday??! Here in Stowe, which is on its way to becoming a winter wonderland, we lost our internet power on Tuesday night in a power outage as I prepared to sit down and write my GLOG. But, I won’t lie to you, once it was fixed by Wednesday night, my mode had already shifted from glogging…to FOOD! But, as I was feasting with my family, I realized that I had abandoned the GLOG! So, I’m here now and I figured better late than never! (I hope you don’t mind sharing Friday Fix with me, just this once Mr. Kerney!)

Being home has been a blast!!! It was bittersweet to leave Bethel and my friends (the first thing my Mom told me when she picked me up was, “NO ATTEMPTS TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL EARLY!”), but now I am so glad to be home. Mount Mansfield opened last Wednesday, and I couldn’t wait to get up there! They are blowing snow like mad, and have several trails open. There’s nothing like taking that first run of the season. You just don’t know what to expect. Am I sure I remember how to do this? Are they sure all the trails are still in the same place?! But, once I sat down on the lift with my closest friends, I was ready. I couldn’t wait to go tearing down the trail. Especially considering what was waiting for me at the bottom in the lodge…a pre-thanksgiving feast! My friend Justine and I have a tradition on our first day at the mountain. We go all out! We buy every single thing from the cafeteria that we can, because we won’t do it again all year! The prices have gotten quite outrageous, so we decided that on the first and last day that we ski, we will absolutely splurge since the food is so delicious…but for the rest of the season, we will pack our lunches and have a picnic. But boy, was that first feast amazing! Together we ate a cheesburger, seasoned Stowe fries, popcorn chicken, mac and cheese (the most amazing in the world, by the way) and hot cocoas. My mouth is watering as I tell you about it!

So I have passed several days at the mountain, and some just plain old hanging out and catching up with friends. Once Wednesday came along however, everything was put on hold and Thanksgiving mode set it. There were 17 of us at my home for a celebration…family mostly. We were all given an assignment on Wednesday of who would prepare what for the feast, and my job…was desserts, my favorite! So, Wednesday (when I totally goofed and forgot to GLOG), I was in the Kitchen with my grandmother all day baking! I churned out a traditional apple pie, two dutch apple pies, two pecan pies, and an absolutely coveted family favorite…a chocolate bread pudding! I woke up at around 8 o’clock, had crepes for breakfast, and jumped right into the baking and was not done until nearly 8 o’clock at night! It was worth it though, seeing the look of Satisfaction on everyone’s face tonight, as they satisfied their sweet teeth with pies and pudding galore.

This Thanksgiving was an awesome one with all of my family! I helped bake, I played with little cousins, hung out with my older ones, and even got to see my Uncle Griff carve the turkey with surgeon-like precision…with an electric knife! Scary! I hope all of you had as great of a time, and feast, as I did. And again, I am so sorry for the delay! Tisk, Tisk, Kiley! I hope by next week, I will be forgiven! Happy Thanksgiving, and may the snow keep falling!!!! Until next week!
-Kiley H.


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