let them eat cake.

November 15, 2010

Wrapping up this past week at the academy meant trudging through the last series of academic classes, reviewing for finals, shopping in Oldport (again), losing voices at the Portland Pirates hockey game from screaming ARGGGG so frequently, and celebrating MY BIRTHDAY!

While sitting in on my last pre-calc class of the trimester, I came up with my own equations which seemed to be way more applicable to the real world than anything else I was learning at the certain point in time.  They go as follows:

Birthdays = cake. Cake = happiness. (cake also = delicious) The week before exams = stress. Happiness > stress, so therefore stress=0.  My advisors who threw me a birthday party with a huge pink princess barbie cake = the greatest people ever.

Last Wednesday, on my birthday, a few of my closest friends and my advisory group headed over to the Baker’s house for my 18th birthday party.  Mrs. Baker built me a bright pink monstrosity, dubbed the “princess cake,” baked for a princess… duh. (just kidding)  She even put a holiday edition Barbie right in the center of the cake (which is currently sitting in my room on display).

If that cake wasn’t enough for me, my parents drove all the way up from home and brought me massive cupcakes with the numbers 1 and 8 planted on each…

Once again, if for some reason I needed more cake, Mrs. Shifrin baked me a cake through “Hugs from Home,” a program where your parents can request and pay for a series of baked goods to be made and delivered to you… mine came in the form of white cake slathered in chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles, magically appearing after returning to my room before study hall… extra snacks for studying I suppose.

If it’s someone you knows birthday soon, you should let them do one thing if nothing else…

let them eat cake.

Until next time, have a good week of exams and Thanksgiving break everyone.




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