Let the Creative Juices Flow!

February 23, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


What a day!  All seven workshops are off to a promising start.  Here’s a reminder of the talent we have on campus to help us explore our hidden talents:


Louise Bourne – Painting

Dustin Holzweiss – Cooking

David Wolfe – Photography (the old fashioned kind)

Leslie Pasternack – Acting

Arla Patch – Sculpture

George Mason – Public Installation Sculplture

Eric Ziner – Metalwork


Below is  just a glimpse of what we have been up to!


Arla helping problem solve.

the beginnings of a bird.

a "portal"

Seung Su's creation in progress.



found objects ready to produce a relief photo.

the "exposure" machine.



installation practice

even cardboard can be beautiful!


the beginnings of paintings...

a new look for Claudia!




Stephen working hard.


JK scrubbing potatoes.

Justin dicing peppers.


the dessert crew

Seth mincing onions.


This year, a map of the surrounding mountains has been mounted in the dining hall.  On it are specific four point trips that our friends and classmates are on.  It makes for interesting dinner conversation as well as appreciation of our warm beds, decadent food choices and all other options we take for granted.


large topo map

one trip outlined.


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