Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

November 19, 2007

It doesn’t really feel like Monday, since I’m not in a class learning all the world has to offer. Vacation is in full swing and is amazing, it is a well deserved and needed break. Exam week was stressful, but tons of free time, so it wasn’t too bad. Reading day, the Monday of Exam week, was amazing and I spent the whole day studying for my Spanish my English exams, which I had on Tuesday. Both were pretty hard, English I had to write two essays and spanish was hard because it wasn’t in english. Environmental was on Tuesday, and I wrote six pages to answer all the questions, but I think I did alright. Thursday was two hard exams, with my Gov exam, and my Calulus Exam in the afternoon. Exams are alright, because its a lot of studying and preparation, but then once your done, your actually done. I was extremely lucky, for I had free dot 6 this fall, and since we don’t have assembly, I had the entire day of friday off.

This first weekend of vacation was amazing, and was not your average weekend at all. My friends Brian “Schroyer the Destroyer” Schroy and Jimmy “Disco Dancing Queen” Catlin, both alumni of ’07, came home from college in Colorado, and with a little recruiting it soon became a reunion weekend. Long over do hugs were had, the greatest Motown hits were played, and much fun was had by all.

The first snow fell on that friday, I awoke to large snowflakes falling past my window. The mountain is now open and people are skiing and snowboarding already. The teams at Gould have already had some training, and its just another reminder that fall is over and winter is on its way.

This 10 days of vacation will be great, not only for rest and relaxation, but I can get some college applying done and a lot of eating. It’ll be great to see all my extended family for Thanksgiving, and of course to eat as much as I can and promptly fall asleep. I don’t have much else to write as of now, but check back next week for another post. Happy Thanksgiving everybody and enjoy the break!


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