lessons learned at the academy.

May 24, 2011

As the last Glog post of my lifetime, I decided I needed to write about something important: the lessons I have learned here at Gould Academy during the past four years. I shall number them below, although the order is not significant and nor is a correlation to their importance.

1.) The 10 minutes between classes is NOT enough time to buy a coffee at Isabella’s (sorry for being late all of those times Mr. Whittington)

2.) You CAN survive off of only cheese and bagels for a week in the snowy woods of Maine

3.) Winters in Bethel are both the best & worst times of the year

4.) It IS acceptable to wear shorts at the “start of spring” (even though its under 50 degrees out)

5.) It is not a good idea to long board down the steep Mill Hill

6.) Almost everyday is a good day to be a Husky

7.) Senioritis is a real illness.

8.) There WILL be food at “The End”

and best of all….
9.) We WILL graduate someday.

So I guess that now fills my duties as a glogger here at Gould, and next Saturday I will have fufilled my duties as a student. It’s incredible to think that I will soon be a high school graduate along with 70 other of my peers.  Just another milestone in our lives I suppose, and as one band by the name of Semisonic once said, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Cheers, class of 2011.






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