Learning and Laughing!

October 22, 2012

Hi Everyone!

Today, my family and I did something super fun! My sister wanted to do something for her birthday, and since the ziplines at Sunday River were closed, we decided to go do some frisbee golf in Turner, ME!

Something that people don’t very often do is learn a sport or an activity with other people new to that activity. I think it’s actually better if the first time you do something, you learn the gist of how to do the sport, and you go with other people unfamiliar with the sport, or, in cases of sports that are dangerous (skiing, Bicycling, etc.) you should go with somebody who knows what they are doing and are generally proficient at it along with your groups of new people. This puts you in a group of people that are in a similar position to you, maybe a little out of their comfort zones, and probably not very good at it. Like you, most likely!

Anyways, it creates an environment that is less tense. If we threw a disc, and it ended up in the woods somewhere, we were all laughing. It wasn’t a cruel gesture, it was funny because it was unexpected. Anyways, that happened a lot!

So, if you get the chance, go try something new with a few friends! It makes for a great afternoon, laughing and enjoying it!

Have a great week!



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  1. Greg Gilman Greg Gilman says:

    John, I’ve been trying to get a group together to play disc since I came to Gould as a weekend trip!

    Maybe the next time I’m on duty we can put something together.

    Ricker Hill in Turner is a great course to start out on. Challenging, but hopefully not enough to discourage you from playing again, and it’s beautiful! Plus, fresh donuts.

    Sunday River just opened up 9 holes this past summer, although I think their course is closed for the season.

    Also, in NH, at Wildcat, they have 9 holes that you have to take the chairlift to play!

    Here’s hoping we can throw some discs soon!

  2. Avatar John says:

    That would be very awesome Mr. Gilman! Whether it’s this fall, or next spring, I’m definitely game! I had a lot of fun! There seems to be lots of options, so lets try to get something together! Sugarloaf has one as well that I noticed during one of the bike races!

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