lazy weekend

November 9, 2009

Hey GA,
Not a lot has happened here at the academy this week, although I guess that’s not such a bad thing considering what we’ve been through over the past couple weeks. The swine epidemic has come to an end, thanks to all the effort put in by the nurses. The one week we had of sleep in and shorter classes definitely reduced the stress. This weekend was pretty quite at school too. Shopping trips down to Old Port, Portland, and knitting groups forming by the fire in Gehring were some of the activities planned. Mrs. Whittington’s bread was also a big hit on Saturday night.

Field hockey had a stellar game this week, and because of a 7-1 win against Kent’s Hill, we’re headed to MAISAD’S on Wednesday at Hebron. Numerous goals by Erin, Mallory, Ashley, and a snag by Hannah, led the team to victory in front of a huge group of fans.

Have a good week!


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