May 4, 2008

This weekend really started a series of “lasts” at Gould for me as my weeks here start to wind down. With some of them, it is okay that they are “lasts”!

  • The last of the snow piles are all but gone. If we could just get the snow woman (now brown) to topple!
  • The last of the mud is already drying up.
  • I may have spent my last duty night in the dorm on Friday night.
  • Perhaps we have had our last major discipline case!

However, there are many other “lasts” that as I reflect on them reinforce what makes this community so special and why it will be hard to leave:

  • This weekend was my final board meeting at Gould. It has been a privilege to work with a board that has so much passion, commitment and vision for the school. It is hard to think about leaving when it is clear how exciting the next ten years is going to be at Gould. Thank you trustees.
  • Last Weekend duty! I won’t miss the overnights in Holden or being up so late, but I certainly will miss the chance to be with the Gould students in ‘the let your hair down’ setting of the weekend in Holden Living Room. I will miss the important conversations, the fun conversations, the political conversations, the curious conversations…and even some of the gossipy conversations! Thanks gang!
  • Last Earth Day – Gould’s commitment to take time as a community on Martin Luther King Day and Earth Day to tackle important issues and opportunities has been great. The dialog, increased awareness and enthusiasm generated by these days is compelling. Thanks to all but especially Mr. Whittington and Mrs. Donovan for all that they put of themselves in these special parts of the program.

And there are the many things that I hope that I haven’t seen the last of this spring:

  • The small dinners like last night’s with Barrett and Ry where we covered all sorts of subjects including the competitiveness of sports at Gould.
  • Milk shake runs with Max and Jeff.
  • Sitting around with Stephen, Big Red, Andrew and others watching old concert videos and talking about ‘stuff’.
  • Senior Four Point presentations.
  • Trips to the IGA for Klondike Bars.
  • Late evening brainstorming sessions with Ms. Shifrin and Mr. Penley on possible new programs and enhancements.
  • Musical moments at Gould.
  • Hanging out in the Adirondack chairs!

These are little but very important things that make Gould special. While I look forward to the next chapter, I am not ready to finish this one up yet. Is this mid-life senior-itis?

Have a great week>



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