last weekend at the academy.

May 24, 2010

Hey everyone.
So this past weekend was the last one we will spend at the academy, and man was it fun. If I were to label a theme to this weekend, I’d probably label it “outdoor adventures,” because literally the entire school was outside from day until night. There were many water balloon and squirt gun fights, badminton matches, football and lacrosse tournaments on the upper fields, and lasted the entire day into the night. There was also cheesecake night on Saturday which was absolutely delicious. This weekend was a really great way to end the school year, because it was simply fun. There were also giant speakers set up on the outer edges of the field, so we could blast Bob Marley and other reggae tunes to bring forth a summer mood to campus. The weather was also absolutely flawless.

On Friday, new proctors headed to Jordan hotel up at the mountain for the new proctor retreat. We spent the afternoon lounging by the pool, and then shared some pizza while we went over leadership skills and planned out our “perfect year” for next year. One of the activities listed was “a crazy awesome sick dance party.” You’ll have to stay tuned to see if it actually happens.

The boys also played one hell of a game, in the semi finals of the New England Lacrosse Championships. They ended up losing by one in TRIPLE overtime, but played their hearts out as they caught up after a huge lead was taken by Dexter Academy in the first half.
So I hope everyone has a successful week of exams, and don’t fret because summer is so soon.


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