Last of the Beards

December 2, 2010

No Shave November has come to an end and the final few that withstood the itching and nagging of their wife’s and partners, are here for you all to see….. we did how ever have a late entry of Cody Laird who DID NOT SHAVE throughout November …..!!!!Yes....He really didn't shave.....!!

There is rumor of some interesting mustaches to come watch this space

TPM Looking classy

So we are all back ready for the run up to the Holiday Season and the dorm is in full winter term mode, there are snowboards, skis and brightly colored outfits everywhere. The difference  moving from the boys dorm to the girls is the definitely the outfits….. there is more form to the girls…. yes, they fit…! They don’t seem to Adorne the baggy look that the boys seem to favor.

  • Mr Snee looking……to the left.
  • Mr Penley looking…….at something on the wall
  • For the winter semester the school week changes and the skiers and snowboarders get to head to the mountain on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and the class day moves to the afternoon…. this gives them the opportunity to get the freshly groomed trails and great light. As well as Weds and Fri afternoons.

    Mr Newell looking dignified

    Alex looking like he's putting his head through a hole....!

    3rd floor Gehring is getting geared up for their 1st Secret Santa…. Everybody gets to choose a name in secret, and buys and appropriate gift, then leaves the gift at our apartment. We then have an exchange of gifts and enjoy turkey sandwiches.

    This will be  our first Secret Santa in Gehring. A tradition we brought over from Davidson …. This was one of the most popular and funniest evenings of the year, and one we will miss with the boys, but are looking forward to sharing with the girls .

    Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


    The Davies’s

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    1. Tucker Kimball Tucker Kimball says:

      Sigh…alas, I did not make it through the itching.

    2. Avatar Chris and Helen says:

      We’ll forgive you Tucker, I know you put up a valiant effort…
      I just didn’t get a pic in.. Rocking the handlebar now.

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