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May 25, 2009

Hello one last time, 

It’s another Sunday evening at the academy, and the weather is still beautiful. I’m sitting here as it’s my last Sunday night at the academy, but I remember as though it was yesterday the exceedingly hot September morning that was my first at the academy. Every experience in between is a memory never to be forgotten. 
The time we went as a whole school to opening day at Fenway, or my first time at Frenchman’s, the first time Motor Booty Affair came to Gould. 
Saturday night Motor Booty came again to Gould and brought along a whole lot of funk and disco music that still this morning rang in my ear.
Earlier this week I was part of an excellent group ride through Evan’s notch and back through Fryburg and Lovell.
Looking back on four years there are a lot of these memories and experiences that have taught me something about myself and the community that is growing around me.
 In six days I will be joining a new community at St. Lawrence University, but forever I will be apart of this Gould community. 
Gould is the place where I discovered: Cycling, Photo, woodfired saunas, pottery, and most importantly living.
Living is a tricky thing to understand. Yes everyday you breath, thats sub-conscious, actually living is something you have to discover for yourself. 
10 days in the woods above the 45th parallel in winter with little more than necessities is living,  that taught me enough to plan a bike trip for myself and a friend through the unfamiliar state of South Carolina.
Will and I were talking today about life after college and what we want, what we used to think we wanted, what was success. None of it had to do with money, all of it had to do with living, doing new things, going to unfamiliar places, and pushing your own limit of comfort. When you do that every day, and take advantage of opportunities spontaneously…you are living. 
So, this summer and ever day, get out there and live…
When it times come to remember all those experiences, such as now, I’ll take a few words from the Broken Social Scene song When it Begins, “don’t forget what you felt”…
They say it simply, if you want to remember, don’t forget what it felt like…
Get out and live, remember what you felt and you’ll remember…
Thanks for reading,
Hope to see you out living in the future,
Tom Duggan

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    Beautiful! Mom and Em

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