Last Full Day in Beijing

March 16, 2016

(Written by Ms. Wilkerson)

Every day in Beijing has been full, and this, our last one together in the city, is no exception! Here’s a report of our day, and a little insight into how we travel in this big city.

China Annie 2016

“The chilled milk needs a label. The hot milk is normal.”

 Each day starts with breakfast at the hotel, where some of the food options include steamed buns, kelp, bean sprouts, porridge, hard boiled eggs, corn on the cob, cabbage with hot peppers, and white bread. Yum!

"Not a bad walk!"

“Not a bad walk!”

When we’re out for the day, we walk whenever possible. We walk on giant sidewalks next to busy streets, and we walk down narrow alleys barely wide enough for two bicycles. The walk from our hotel to the Forbidden City takes us right past Tianamen Square (which has been closed to visitors because congress has been in session).

Wilkerson China 2016

“Happy kids after a quick snack.”

"Rayna taking it all in."

“Rayna taking it all in.”

Inside The Forbidden City, students explored freely. It was hard to comprehend the size of The Forbidden City until we were able to see it from above at Jingshan Park later in the day.

The walk from The Forbidden City to lunch included a crowded stretch of sidewalk. Fortunately Mr Whittington is tall and wears a yellow hat. Can you find him in the crowd? Our students can, every time.

Wilkerson China 2016 Yellow Hat

“Where’s the man with the yellow hat?”

Wilkerson Annie Stella China 2016

“Selfies are big here in Beijing. Annie and Stella are getting in on that.”

Wilkerson China 2016 group shot

Forbidden City

Wilkerson China 2016 hanging at park

Hanging at the park

After lunch we visited two beautiful parks, Jingshan Park and Beihai Park. We learned to love stairs while hiking the Great Wall, so we went to the highest point at each park.

From the parks, we squeezed onto a crowded bus and made our way to Nanlouguxiang Street for a little shopping.

Our adventures on public transportation continued when we joined millions of people on the subway during rush hour. Perhaps you’ve seen pictures of the Beijing subway system during rush hour. Now picture our 29 students also pouring onto and off of trains, flowing up escalators and down stairs. Our students are pros in the subways now. We stick together, take care of each other, and move with ease.

Wilkerson China 2016 subway

“Just when you thought the subway car was full…”

Wilkerson China 2016 up escalator

“We’re getting good at going with the flow–up the elevator, down the stairs, onto the train, off the train, up the stairs, and on and on…”

Wilkerson China 2016 Group by city

“Before and after each train stop we divide by city to be sure we’re still together. Each city group developed its own hand symbol.”

Dinner tonight was traditional Chinese barbecue. It was a great final meal in Beijing!

Wilkerson China 2016 Cindy BBQ

“There’s always a little time to pull out the journal.”

Wilkerson China 2016 Look Ma

“Everyone is proficient with chop sticks now!”

Wilkerson China 2016 post bbq

“Full bellies = happy kids.”

Now, as I write, students are packing up their belongings and getting ready for one final sleep in Beijing. Tomorrow we go our separate ways and fly to our host cities. Our students are excellent travelers. They’re having a great time and getting the most out of each stop, and every experience.


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