Final Day in Guatemala

August 14, 2016

Today was our final day in Guatemala, which we spent most of the day at the waterpark. We swam, slid on the slides, bobbed in the wave pool and laughed beyond belief! Take a look at the gallery below, where the pictures will tell the whole story of our final full day in Guatemala!


Tomorrow is our travel day home so I am going to write the final blog tonight. For tonights debrief, we were asked to pick a card with a symbol on it and connect the symbol to three words that sum up the trip as a whole. For me personally, I chose a fist clutching a lightening bolt. The three words that I chose to represent the trip are powerful, eye-opening, and inspirational.

Powerful: The strength of the lightening bolt is meant to resemble the idea of how powerful all the children are in the program. The fact that each child is able to have the strength to smile, laugh and be unconditionally kind despite their unimaginable home life. As powerful as the children are, their moms are the backbone behind the whole family. They are the ones that get the kids to school,  may work in the dump during the day, and scramble to find food to put on the table.


Eye-Opening: When I feel that I am having a tough day, or being ungrateful in my everyday life, I forget to think of all the other billion people in the world who may have things a lot tougher than I do. This trip was eye-opening in the sense that most people in this country don’t have running water, don’t know when their next meal will be, if they are going to make it through the night, and what the next day will bring them. This trip has helped open my ears, heart and, eyes to the lives of others instead of just my own.

FullSizeRender 18

One school we visited bordered this shanty town where tin shacks occupy every square foot around the school walls.

Inspirational: Watching the children play, smile, laugh, and want to learn is truly inspiring. In addition to the children, the moms are inspirational by showing the passion and drive they have for their children to always be the best version of themselves. Through their positivity and kindness it has inspired me to continue community service work and possibly major in education to become an elementary school english teacher for students living in countries where poverty is prevalent.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 10.31.00 PM

For me this trip was without a doubt an inspiring, powerful, and life changing experience, so thank you to all the parents who helped make this happen. If you are reading this blog, I strongly encourage community service work either locally or globally as a must do, because I guarantee it will change your outlook on your everyday life in a positive way.


Team Gould 2016. L to R: Julia, Caroline, Hayli, Molly, Noah, Luke, Celia. Faculty (not pictured here) Ms Andreozzi and Mr Hayward.

Hayli Poisson ’17


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