Last day in Kunming

March 26, 2014

We had a fun and busy final day in Kunming. We spent the morning at the Yunnan Sports School observing and learning some Chinese martial arts. (Yes, they gave our students swords… it was an interesting moment. But the Yunnan Sports School students were great teachers and our kids were soon swing the swords around safely.)

more lessons

The group started with some Taichi.




Fun lessons


Hayli and Colby get a quad workout!


Fine-tuning Schuyler's form


Schuyler has his Taichi position corrected.Alex studies Taichi

Alex works to follow along.


Matthew's private lesson


Matt has some one on one instruction.


Ankey getting a private lesson


Ankey learns from a new friend!



everybody tries it out


The whole group together.


Mr. Penley giving out swords??


Are teacher supposed to hand weapons to their students?


Oh i hope he doesn't connect!


Alex and Chris with big swords.  While it looks like Alex is trying to chop Chris in half, they had just stopped moving in that direction. Everyone was safe!


Hayli's lesson with swords

Hayli gets some sword swinging pointers.

More lessons with swords

Matt learns a short sword form.

Girls and their Kungfu teacher

The girls with their sword teacher… yes she is in a full split if you are looking for her other leg!



Kung Foo lessons


The whole group with the Yunnan Sports School Martial Arts Students.

I have some great video of the event, I’ll try to get a short video up at some point soon!

After martial arts and lunch, we went to visit the GAC-ACT program that KMFLS has on another campus. The program is a three year program with more American style classes that prepares students to take the ACT and go to American colleges and universities. Their first group of students are finishing the program this year and had a great list of schools that they are heading to. One is even headed to Colby College next year! We had some time to talk with them and even got to spring them from statistics class to play basketball for a few minutes.

Niles talking to soon to be US college students

Niles talks to two boys who will be in America next year in college. The boy in front already has a few patents and hope to be an engineer or inventor.

Haylee and Ankee with soon to be US college students

Halyee and Ankey talk to a few new friends.

Haylee and the girl going to Colby

Haylee talks to the girl going to Colby about learning to ski!

Sky and a new friend

Schuyler talks to a new friend about America.

Students preparing for American Schools

The whole group together.

Another basketball group

The basket ball crew. We have played a lot of basketball this trip, always looking for a ball in a free moment near a hoop.

We had some free time this afternoon, so we walked to a temple/park near the school. It was a beautiful space and a relaxing way to spend part of our last afternoon in China. The retiree crowd all hang out in the park, so it was pretty hopping with card games and mahjong. Our kids wandered around and did some journalling. (I was also pretty relaxed and forgot to take many pictures in the park… only a few moments of evidence that we were there…)

Some tree work

A new way to limb a tree in the park.

Matt and Alex look on a card game

Alex and Matt watch a game of cards.

Final purchases

On the walk home we had afew last minute purchases of headphones for the airplane ride home tomorrow.

After the park we has a closing ceremony. We all got gifts from the school and certificates of attendance for our exchange.  The KMFLS students made slide shows about our trip and gave speeches talking about their memories of our time here. We also had to give two speeches which two of the KMFLS students helped to translate.

Sky's speech

Schuyler gives a speech.

Niles' speech

Niles and his translator share a laugh as Niles goes off script. His translator did a great job of keeping up!

Formal Picture

We also took an official group picture with our all of our hosts.

Ankey and host

There were a lot of good byes and pictures taken as we started to leave for a final group dinner. I snapped this picture of Ankey and her host, but I was able to take too many pictures because I was saying goodbyes too!

Last dinner with Hosts

We had a great final meal with our hosts.

headed off for the last evening together

And then the students headed off to their home stays for one final night together.

We will miss you

I think this drawing on the board sums up feelings from the trip very nicely!

We meet at school tomorrow at 7:30 to have some time for final goodbyes before we head out and start our LONG voyage home.

Here is a link to a story about our arrival at KMFLS on the school website. (It is all in Chinese, but there are pictures of the day.)

See you all soon!



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