Last day in DC…

February 25, 2012

– We started the day by visiting the Aquarium. It was pretty fun to see snakes, poisonous frogs and piranhas. Then we went to the Natural History Museum where we saw skeletons of dinosaurs and ancient animals.  I really loved it. Because of the rain we all bought colorful ponchos. Then we walked to Chinatown to do some shopping while Mrs. Leff and Ms. Oliver enjoyed a smoothie.  We had our last meal in Chinatown. Each one of us picked our favorite dish, and all of us enjoyed it!

By Xiaolu


– I really loved the National Air and Space Museum. There are many inventions before the plane was invented by the Wright Brothers. Although those things look really crazy but I really admire the creativity and the courage of them. I loved the IMAX movie “Hubble”. It showed many space dust, galaxies and space clouds. When I was “been” in the space cloud, I nearly wanted to cry cause that is the place I can only approach during the dreaming time.  Me and Mrs Leff are the only one who didn’t fall asleep during the movie. I was really excited!

By James


– The most interesting part was the Natural History Museum. I loved the exhibitions on skeletons and those ancient people what they used for weapons. I also enjoyed looking at the gems. I also enjoyed the Newseum and the 4D movie. It was nice to see the old typewriter and cameras. It was interesting to see the antennae of the World Trade Center. also, I learned a lot about 9/11. Ms. Oliver and Mrs. Leff are so also very interesting… they laugh a lot 🙂

By Steve


– I really liked the National Women in the Arts Museum because they had modern painting. The Newseum taught me some history about newspaper and some history regarding the Berlin Wall. I loved tonight’s dinner because it is so familiar to me, and the food was really traditional.

By Rola


– I really liked Washington DC! I loved the IMAX movie on Hubble because it taught us what is going on outside of Earth, and it is so beautiful. I am still not sure if there is Aliens! but I think so… maybe they will come some day. The Aquarium was very interesting because I love fish. I think they are cute and beautiful.

By Bo



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  1. Avatar colin penley says:

    Nice writing guys and gals, I hope you all had fun on your adventure. I can’t wait to hear about it when we get back to school.
    Mr. Penley

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