Last Day in Beijing

March 24, 2013

We ended out whirlwind tour of Beijing today, with a wander through the Temple of Heaven sandwiched between shopping at the Dirt Market and the Pearl Market.  The Temple of Heaven is where the Emperor would pray for good harvests in the appropriately named “Hall of Prayer for a Good Harvest;” a stunningly beautiful building made entirely without nails.  Like all things heavenly in China, it is round.  The Round Altar is also in Tian Tan Park.  In the middle of the altar is a small circular stone.  Standing on it is said to place you as close to heaven as you can get on Earth.  Most of our kids had their pictures taken attempting this heavenly connection.

Before the Temple of Heaven, we made a trip to the Panjiayuan Antique Market; affectionately known as the “Dirt Market.”  This is where kids honed their bartering skills before heading to the Pearl Market in the late afternoon, after our trip to heaven.  As you can see, it was a spectacularly gorgeous day in Beijing.  Tomorrow it is off to Chengdu and Xi’an, and the next part of our adventure.


At the Chop (name stamp) Shop

Bartering in Action

Dirt Market Bling

“Undefeatable Communists”

Closer to Heaven

Brooke and Ali Make New Friends


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  1. Avatar Hideo & kanoko yamaguchi says:

    Thank you so much for great shots. We enjoyed and felt in part of the trip. Hope all of them have a good time next cities!!!!!

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